Electronic Security Deployments 

Providing protection for our client assets by means of perimeter and close quarters intrusion detection systems. Utilising industry leading technology Fox Tango carry out risk and threat assessment, design, deploy and integrate to provide operational solutions that offer protection and alerting when it matters most.

Video Surveillance containing back end and edge analytics, Thermal  Imaging, Radar, IR & Microwave motion detection along with fence line breach sensing equipment enable effective coverage for both permanent and temporary scenarios.

Radio Communications 

We have vast knowledge and deployment experience within the radio communications sector.  It may be providing long range, high bandwidth point to point IP data links, plotting, designing and deploying LoRaWAN gateways & sensors for data collection and visual analysis or a wide area analogue or digital voice two way radio network, our inhouse team can deliver and maintain systems tailored to the end users specific requirements.
 The use of radio communications in its multitude of forms has always, and will continue to be, a key and effective tool in providing real time passing and collection of information that is critical to operational needs.